Professional Carpet Cleaning Prattville

Holiday Carpet Cleaning is a premier carpet cleaning company that serves customers with the utmost respect and professionalism. They go above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction at their home, as well as during off hours when they're not there.

Professional carpet cleaning starts with our technicians. They wear a clean uniform and keep their vehicle tidy, all the while being courteous to your needs throughout an appointment. Our professional cleaners are also required to educate customers on both methods used for best results as well as how it can benefit them greatly - this is equally important in providing quality service!

Providing Carpet Cleaning Services in Prattville, Oklahoma

Your carpet needs some TLC.  Holiday Carpet Cleaning not only makes sure to train their franchisees, but they even have a team of customer service representatives that work in the company's office. These reps are able to answer questions about different cleaning services and how it would be helpful for you! Our dynamic and reliable cleaning professionals will provide you services aligned with your expectations.

As soon as you pick up our coupon, you are in the hands of professional carpet cleaners. There is no need to replace your carpet every year if it is well-maintained. And when they leave your home after cleaning carpet for hours, we know that leaves us with one goal left to accomplish: make sure their hard work is worth it by providing a clean floor and an amazing experience too! Give your carpets the extra care they need. Have them cleaned now.

Imagine Your Carpet Clean & Fresh for the Holidays - Starts at $99

Extend the life of your carpet by getting rid of stains.  It's easy to forget about commercial carpet cleaning, but ask yourself this: when was the last time your carpets were cleaned in your commercial location? More than likely it’s been a long time, and that means you're losing business because of all the dirt buildup. Your customers will be more inclined to go somewhere else once they know how dirty things are here!

Your carpet needs to be presentable in a commercial setting. With our commercial carpet cleaning services, Holiday Carpet Cleaning can take years off of your carpets. We have eco-friendly techniques that use high heat steam and deep agitation to ensure a healthier space for you business.

Residential Carpet Cleaning - Serving Tulsa and Surrounding Areas

While wear and tear in your carpet is normal, regular maintenance can keep it in mint condition. We provide the best carpet cleaning services in town! Our unique steam clean service not only gets rid of all that pesky dirt and grime, it leaves your carpets as good as new. People choose us over other companies because we use a high pressure psi ratio to deep rack along with adequate dwell time followed by hot water rinsing which helps dry them faster than ever before! This enables you to have those bright shiny looking carpets longer until our next professional visit. Holiday Carpet Cleaning, Prattville carpet cleaning services will guide you to have well-maintained carpets. Make your carpet more attractive to guests by keeping it clean. We are also serving those who are in need of carpet renovations.

Commercial Carpet Cleaner-Carpet Renovations

Holiday Carpet Cleaning services team is here to ensure your commercial cleaning experience goes smoothly. We offer carpet, hard surface floor, upholstery and tile & grout cleanings for all business types and structures.

We offer fully flexible pricing and plans for your unique business needs. We will come out to measure, assess, and listen so we can create a perfect plan that meets the specific requirements of your company's carpets.

Our in-depth quote will outline all the information related to your job. We work around your schedule and come up with a plan that works within our unique business's vision, too!

Carpet Cleaners - Pet Odor & Urine Removal

Pet urine and odor can shorten the life of your carpet. Traditional carpet cleaners often only address the surface of animal waste, and ignore the odor-causing part. Traditional cleaning for pet stains is just a temporary fix; applying deodorizer to your carpets will temporarily remove odors but it doesn't resolve any issues that may be present underneath your visible flooring. When you wash away urine from its initial resting place inside of carpets, all you're doing is making everything even worse by allowing more scent into open air where it can travel throughout rooms in your home or office space.

Give us a call and see yourself. We will provide you with a sample quote during the call so you will know how much our cleaning service will cost in Oklahoma, Prattville.

Get Your Carpets Cleaned And Restored From Water Damage

After a flood, it is important to get your carpets and upholstery dry as quickly as possible. If the water sits for too long you will risk mold growth which can cause serious health problems. A highly specialised cleaning team of Holiday Carpet Cleaning technicians are able to remove any moisture from within fabrics using powerful vacuum systems or chemical agents such as sodium bicarbonate (also known baking soda).

During a flood, water can soak into floors and walls. This causes structural wood to weaken as well as cabinets and ceiling drywall. As the moisture increases so does damage which is why it's important for us to start our restoration process immediately after removing all of the excess water from your home or business property.

Cost Guide

Sometimes carpets can to be different prices depending on the company and your location. Be sure ask if what they're giving you is a free binding or non-binding estimate, because that affects how reliable it is going to be.

Carpets come from many materials like nylon, polyester wool cotton olefin etc., each having their own trait which makes them harder/easier for us during our cleaning process.

Binding estimates are more reliable since there's less uncertainty about price compared with a non-binding one!

Holiday carpet cleaning goes beyond just making your property look presentable. A clean indoor environment actually helps you avoid health issues and enjoy time with the people who matter to you most, so consider it a sensible investment in overall wellbeing when choosing us for any of our services!

If you need your premises cleaned and maintained during the day or evenings, our flexibility makes us an ideal janitorial service. We will complete our tasks without disrupting your privacy; we accept Cash, Checks and all major credit cards for payment. Call to schedule a free quote today!

About Prattville, OK

In 1945 approximately 4 houses and two small grocery stores were located north of 41st Street and east of Highway 97 in what was known as Garden Heights, now referred to as "old Prattville." Several years later another grocery store and housing addition were built on the west side of Highway 97, forming the nucleus of then-called "Prattville." In October 1962 the Prattville community, consisting of 752 acres owned at one time by Harry Pratt, was annexed by Sand Springs. With the opening of 41st Street, the building of Keystone Dam and the migrating of Tulsa residents into the area, Prattville experienced phenomenal growth. Several industries once operated on the river near the Highway 97 bridge in an area called Lotsee. Other communities/towns in and around Prattville include: Prettywater, Keystone, Berryhill and Limestone. High school students residing in Prattville attend Charles Page High School in Sand Springs; however, Prattville does have Clyde Boyd Junior High School and several elementary schools. Most businesses in Prattville are retail stores along State Highway 97.